Our design philosophy reflects our modernist upbringing, with emphasis on the orders and plan aesthetics of modern architecture; yet within this modernist framework, we have always tried to seek the integration of the seemingly different attitudes such as expressionist, functionalist,organic and regionist approaches to design. Our designs have always reflected a contextual approach, whereby we have tried to find the right fit between the site, its topography, climate,orientation, flora and the prevailing social-cultural conditions. We have always been keen on the organic wholeness of the design by trying to find the right balance between the indooroutdoor spatial relationships, natural light and structual orders and finally human behavior. We believe that the rich architectural heritage of the Anatolian Peninsula dating back to thousands of years and the patterns that have evolved from its settlements, its building styles and construction methods, could very well be an inspiration of a new architecture.

Yet, instead of taking a dogmatic stand, we prefer to have a relaxed attitude and to let the site and the local environmental conditions dictate the plan structure and the resulting form accordingly. We seek to stylize the local building patterns and to use them in a contemporary framework, thus trying to develop our own language and inevitably, our style... It is essential for us to test what the building will look like before it is built and to control its form and interior quality. For this reason, we have been always been working with physical
models and 3D computer modelling since 1985. In the end, we firmly believe that architecture is a profession of culture, experience and education and that good architecture can only result from the accumulation of these qualities.