Housing Proposal in Çeşme, İzmir, 

Facilities        : Residence

Architects      : İlhan Kural

Status             : Not Built

Date               : 2016

Owner            : FABRO Construction and Trade Co.


The building site is on the sloped banks of the Aegean Coastline of Çeşme, overlooking the Greek island of Chios.  The building regulations have dictated the block sizes and the number of storeys allowed.  Since this is a “Tourism Zone”, where only touristic buildings are allowed,  after the completion of the construction, the usual practice is that the client turns the “hotel” rooms into one or two room housing units.


In this case each unit is a one bedroom, 64m2 studio, with its individual balcony.  A system of roller blinds are introduced as a protection against the harsh western sun, as well as acting as a protection system to guard each house against burglary, when residents are away during the winter.