Mamurbaba Residences, Çeşme, İzmir, 


Architects      : İlhan Kural, Sinem Yardımcı

Status             : Not built

Date               : 2014

Owner            : Kayalar Construction


Mamurbaba Residences, consisting of seven individual houses, to be built on seven separate parcels, were planned ona steep hilly site, overlooking the magnificient Ilıca Bay.  Since the site had a steep slope, with small parcels, each having a different orientation and in accordance with the requirement that each bedroom should have a view of the bay, four generic types of dwellings were produced.  From these generic types, different houses were developed for each parcel.


In response to the client’s wish, a contemporary look was seeked in the houses, which were to be marketed to young families with high income.


The project has not been built.