Bilkent University School of Applied English Language, Ankara


Facilities         : Classrooms, faculty rooms, labs.                    
Architects       : İlhan Kural
                         Erkut Şahinbaş.

Status             : Built.

Date               : 1989-91.

Owner            : Bilkent University.

Publications   :  "Bilkent  Doğu   Kampusu  Derslik
                          Binaları",   Tasarım,  no.36,  Haz-
                          Ağus. 1993, pp. 90-99.
                          " Modernizmin Plüralizmle Kesiştiği
                          Noktada bir Mimar: İlhan Kural",
                          Arredemento Dekorasyon, no.54,
                          Aralık 1993, pp.128-133.


Bilkent University East Campus Buildings were initially planned to be used by the Institute of Higher Education (YÖK) where academic staff from all over Turkey were to be taught foreign languages. For this purpose, in addition to the classroom buildings, residences, dormitories, a sports complex, cafeteria and a meeting hall were all designed. Yet this idea was later given up and the whole site was turned over to Bilkent University. The first classroom building was later duplicated and both buildings were used for two years as dormitories. In the original plan there were two linear blocks, pivoted at a central hall  where later extensions were added. Because of the inherent expandability of the plan, there was no problem in fitting the annexes to the original building.