Bilkent University School of Computer Sciences, Ankara


Facilities                   : Classrooms, faculty rooms, labs.                    
Architects                 : İlhan Kural
                                   Erkut Şahinbaş.

Status                       : Built.

Date                         : 1989-91.

Owner                      : Bilkent University.

Publications             :  "Bilkent  Doğu   Kampusu  Derslik
                                    Binaları",   Tasarım,  no.36,  Haz-
                                    Ağus. 1993, pp. 90-99.
                                    " Modernizmin Plüralizmle Kesiştiği
                                    Noktada bir Mimar: İlhan Kural",
                                    Arredemento Dekorasyon, no.54,
                                    Aralık 1993, pp.128-133.


The  building is about 8200 sqm.s, comprising classrooms and faculty rooms on both sides  of two atriums, joined together at the center by an elongated hall. Preventation of noise and privacy considerations have necessiated the separation of the classrooms from the faculty  rooms by a solid wall on one side of the atriums, perforated by sitting alcoves with small windows. On the other side of the atriums are the spacious foyers where students come out to relax during class breaks. Stairs linking each floor by galleries, cantilevering balconies, glazed barrel vaulted ceilings, all add to the rich spatial experiences. On the exterior, screened balconies, wide eaves and butresses are all reminiscent of traditional Turkish architecture.