MESA Headquarters 1, Ankara


Facilities      : Board of directors, general
                       directorate, administration and    
                       financial departments, project and  
                       design, construction, libyan affairs
                       foreign relations, housing and
                       tourism departments and social  facilities.      
Architect      : İlhan Kural.

Status          : Project.

Date            : 1990-92.

Owner         : Mesa Mesken Sanayii A.Ş.


The site chosen for Mesa Headquarters was on a prominent hill overlooking the entrance to the Koru Housing Development and Eskişehir Highway with a slope towards north. The main concept of the project was to design the headquarters as a group of pavillions, each expressing itself as a geometric entity with gardens and courtyards in between.


The slope of the site made planning easier and the bulkiness of the building was lost by planning these blocks on different levels, each block having a wonderful command of the view towards north. The general directorate and board of directors were planned in a separate pavillion and the architectural department was given emphasis by putting it in a prominent semicircular block. This was symbolic of the origins of the Mesa Group which had been initiated by a small group of architects.