Magnitogorsk Hospital, Russia


Facilities            : 1080-bed health complex.
Architects          : İlhan Kural
                          Turhan Kayasü

Status               : Project.

Date                  : 1990.

Owner                : MIR.



The hospital complex consists of an administration wing , main hospital building, garage and morgue and a separate  medical gases building The hospital has been conceived as a compact complex considering the very harsh climatic conditions of its location.


The whole complex is designed linearly around a main spine which is the main "hospital street". This spine starts with a three storey high atrium which serves as a welcoming space for visitors and patients. In front of the atriumed entrance hall is a  pedestrian plaza which is partially enclosed by the administration building on the southwest. All other department wings are assembled on either side of this spine. This system allows for flexibility and future extension of the hospital should there be need.