MESA Koru Office and Shopping Development, Ankara,



Facilities          : Offfice block, service station,                                    
                          shopping center, children's
                          playground, open air restaurant.                 

Architect          : İlhan Kural
Status              : Concept Project

Date                 : 1991

Owner            : Mesa Mesken A.Ş.


In 1991, MESA Corp. commissioned us  to have a concept project for their lots on the Ankara-Eskişehir Highway for future development.  Analyzing the needs of Ankara, we concluded that a mixed use development would be appropriate for the area.  At that moment there were a number of emerging tendencies;  first,  families were beginning to  prefer out- of-town shopping with their cars and second, because of lack of proper office space with car parking within the city center, people were beginning to rent apartment flats to be converted to office spaces in residential areas. 


Our development plan, thus, combined a 20 storey office building with ample parking and on the other side of the highway, a shopping center with a service station, children’s playgrounds and an open air restaurant building.  MESA Plaza, which was built years later on the same site, made use of this initial concept plan.