An Old House Restoration and an Annex Building in Çeşme, İzmir


Facilities        : An  old Çeşme House restoration and an annex.

Architect        : İlhan Kural

Status            : Built

Date              : 1992-93

Owner           : Saffet Kanpak


Publications  : Mimarlar  Odası,  7. Ulusal  Mimarlık   Sergisi ve Ödülleri,
                       "Çeşme'de Eski Ev Restorasyonu ve Yapı İlavesi",


                      Mimarlar  Odası,  7. Ulusal  Mimarlık
                       Sergisi ve Ödülleri, "Çeşme'de
                       Restorasyonu ve Ek Bina Çalışması",


In this project, the aim was to restore an old residential  building situated in the town center of Çeşme, İzmir and to build an annex on the empty lot next to it, both of which were to be commercially used. In order to achieve this, the two buildings have been joined together with a courtyard in between. The cross-vaulted, two storey high ground floor of the old building was to be used as a bar, preserving its structural  and spatial characteristics and the upper floor has been turned into an open office.


 A harmonious unity has been tried to be  achieved  in the design of the two buildings as a whole. In order to achieve this, the language and patterns borrowed from traditional Çeşme Architecture (such as the concept of a cool courtyard, narrow wooden shutters and facade ornamentations) have been used in the new building.