Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Concert Hall for 731 Spectators, Ankara


Facilities                        : Concert hall for 731 spectators.
Architects                      : İlhan Kural, Erkut Şahinbaş

Statüs                            : Built

Date                              : 1993-94

Owner                           : Bilkent University

Acoustics Consultant    : Matti Heikkinen


Publications                  : 'Bir  Sanat  Yapısı: Bilkent Müzik      
                                       Fakültesi',            Arredamento      
                                       Dekorasyon, no.70, Mayıs 1995,
                                       sf. 82-87.


The Bilkent Music Faculty has been planned as part of a larger complex comprising a concert hall, a theater building and a music faculty building. Special care has been given to the design of the concert hall. At the beginning, the concert hall within the faculty building was conceived as a smaller "rehearsal hall" for 500 which later was converted into a regular concert hall, with a capasity 0f 731, serving the city; the major concern being achieving good acoustics, while also creating a visually rich and satisfying space.


 As a result of extensive research and detailing, a reverberation time between 1.8-2.0 has been achieved. Subtle variations from chamber music to chorall pieces can be made by adjusting the folding wooden panels on the walls.