Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Ankara


Facilities                      : Concert hall for 731, arena theater
                                      for 200, classrooms, seminar rooms,   
                                      music studios, student practice
                                      academic and administrative staff
                                      offices, canteen and staff housing.

Architects                    : İlhan Kural
                                      Erkut Şahinbaş.

Status                          : Built.

Date                            : 1993-94.

Owner                         : Bilkent University

Acoustics Consultant  : Matti Heikkinen


Publications                : "Bir Sanat Yapısı: Bilkent Müzik
                                      Fakültesi", Arrademento Dekorasyon
                                      no. 70, Mayıs 1995, sf. 82-87.
                                      Architectural Guide 2002,
                                      T.C. Kültür Bakanlığı/TSMMD,
                                      Ankara 2002, sf.180.


Awards                       :  5th National Architecture Grand      
                                      Prize - Award Nominee in Building


Bilkent Music Faculty has been planned as a part of a larger complex comprising of a concert hall, a theater building and a music faculty building. The complexity of the program has been concealed behind the solemn and dignified facades of the building.


The plan structure of the building is a 'central hall type'. On the east and west facades, spaces which require natural light, such as classrooms, seminar rooms and offices have been placed. Within the building, where it is darker, spaces which require larger spans, such as the concert hall, the theater, rehearsal halls and bigger studios have been placed. The separation of functions create a natural buffer zone separating the 'silent' and 'noisy' areas.


Special care has been given to the design of the concert hall, the major concern being achieving good acoustics, while also creating a visiually rich and satisfying space. The music faculty is an increadible accomplishment resulting from team work, where the joint efforts of various disciplines have come together to produce a building in a record time of 9 months.