Bashcredit Bank Headquarters, Azerbaijan, Bashkırdistan,



Facilities           : Offices,    cafeteria,     conference
                           hall,  meeting   rooms   and  social
Architect          : İlhan Kural

Status              : Project.

Date                : 1994.

Owner             : Summa Tourism Investment, I.C..

Publications    : 'Bashcredit  Bank  Genel Müdürlük
                          Binası/ Ufa, Başkırdistan', TSMD
                          Mimar, no.78, Şubat 1997,


In the Bashcredit Bank head office building project, there are three main blocks:  

a) the existing historical building which is restored with the internal structure preserved and which is used as the bank president's executive quarters,  

b) the main new building which houses all the office functions, the branch office and the cafeteria and  

c) the intermediary block which acts as a link between the old and new buildings and where the conference hall is planned.

The main building has six floors with an atrium at the center where the entrances are. In the intermediate block, we have the 200 person conference hall and the seminer rooms. The new building is conceived as a flexible office  environment which may be  partitioned  into  rooms or left as open office space as modern business requires.