Hacettepe University Ankara State Music Conservatory



Design Group                      : İlhan Kural, Berrak Kırbaş, Sinem Yardımcı, Diego Jimenez

Interior Design Group           : Ali Kural, İlhan Kural, Sezin Taner
Acoustic Consultant             : Dr. Arzu Gönenç Sorguç

Building Area                       : 38,407 m2
Project Date                        :  2012-2013
Client                                  : Hacettepe University



Hacettepe University Ankara State Music Conservatory has been planned in the Beytepe Campus of the University, on a slightly sloping site overlooking an artificial reservoir lake, shared by the Hacettepe Music and Performance Arts Lycee and Ballet Middle School, which have also been designed by us.


The Conservatuary has been plannd on the eastern side of the site, thus leaving ample space for future developments related with the school and also utilizing the slope to its advarnage.


The Conservatuary consists of the departments of theatre, ballet, piano, stringed instruments, musicology, composition and orchestra conducting, horns and percussion, jazz studios and lecture rooms; music listening rooms, recording studios, concert hall, recital hall, arena theatre, proscenium theater, 5 large and 2 small ballett practice studios, academic staff rooms, student practice rooms, library, a small museum, cafeteria, coffee shop, foyers, exhibition areas, covered parking for 160 cars and open parking.


The buildinğ is planned on a central hall, defined by 3 atriums, where all the social activities and entraces to the recital hall and the main concert hall take place, along with their foyers. The coffee shop, library, cafeteria and the museum are all on the first basement floor, which opens to the view taking  advantage of the slope. All those spaces that need large spans and uninterrupted spaces (which do not need natural lighting) are concentrated at the zone constituting the central spine of the building; with the smaller rooms like the staff rooms, lecture halls, practice rooms and service cores taking place on the peripheries.  Thus, spaces which need privacy and quiet are separated from the more public areas by means of mechanical shafts and double separated walls.  This principle allows for an easily remembered circulation system in such an elaborate and complex building.


The Concert Hall serves 623 spectators plus 8 handicapped people.  It is designed for performances ranging from theatre to choral music. Acoustic calculations and the hall design have yielded excellent results regarding the acoustics of the hall.  The Recital Hall is designed only for music and houses 192+4 spectators. The Arena Theater has a capacity of 169+4 and the Proscenium Theater houses 109+4.