Antalya Archery Club, Antalya ,



    Facilities : Archery field, covered archery practice
                    area, 36 guestrooms, 4 suites, fitness
                    hall, restaurant, bar, registration,
                    referee and computer rooms.


    Architect : İlhan Kural

    Status : Construction is planned to start when
                 the required finance is found.


    Publications : "İlhan Kural Mimarlık ve Projeleri",
                         İnşaat ve Yatırım, no:2005/5, May 2005, pp.100-103


    Awards : 8th National Architectural Grand Prize
                  Building category award nominee.




Antalya  Archery Club has been  planned on  the south  part of the competition field. The  program  includes  accomodation  for  Turkish  and  foreign archery teams, educational facilities,  spaces related to  archery competitions  such as referee  room,  registration   area,  etc., a  covered   archery  practice  area, covered health and sports facilites as well as dining halls and lounges.


The dynamism  associated with  archery has been  reflected in the  formal and planar order of the Archery Club. The separation of  the two wings at an angle and their asymmetrical placement, with the shallow vault covering the atrium, are all features contributing to the dynamic character seeked.