GEM Grand Egyptian Museum Project Giza International Architecture Competition,


    Facilities : Egyptian archeological museum

    Architects : İlhan Kural
                      Ali Kural
                      Sinem Konu
                      Cumhur Keskinok
                      Zühre Sü

    Status : Competition Project

    Date : 2002

    Owner : Egyptian Ministry of Culture

    Publications : - The Grand Museum of Egypt International
                         Architecture Competition,
                         The Egyptian Ministry of Culture, pp.501-502.
                         - "Büyük Mısır Müzesi Uluslararası Mimarlık Yarışması",
                         Tasarım, no.137, December 2003, pp. 30-35
                         - "İlhan Kural Mimarlık ve Projeleri",
                         İnşaat ve Yatırım, no:2005/5, May 2005, pp.100-103


    Awards : Merit of Distinction by the
                  Scientific Commission of

                  Egyptian Ministry of Culture




Our proposal for the Grand Egyptian Museum has grown around the concept of a mat building which respects the existing silhouette of the Giza Plateau and the Pyramids and which introduces a well worked layout for the Thematic and Chronological Modes of Display by introducing a matrix of exhibition layouts where indoor and outdoor spaces are woven into a fabric, with landscaped courtyards in between.


The design of the museum is responsive to climatic conditions by providing courtyards in shade; water as a cooling, visual element; artificial sand mounds to prevent the undesired effects of desert winds, double roofing with a cool and shaded space in between; thick, sloping, massive walls reminiscent of traditional adobe architecture, the “mastaba”s and the entrance pylons of temple complexes. This double roof system, with its light and perforated construction elevated from the main roof, protecs it from harsh climatic conditions. NE oriented movable louvers on the upper roof control the amount of natural light as necessary according to the needs of the specific display and the sun’s course during the day. A translucent suspended ceiling under this mat roof diffuses natural light.