Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Club,


    Facilities : Restaurant,recreation rooms,
                    exhibition hall,cafeteria,cinema,
                    offices,swimming pool,sports hall


    Architects : Ali Kural
                      İlhan Kural


    Status : Project


    Assistant Architect : Tuğba Özbay


    Total Const. Area : 4767.00 m2


    Date : 2006


    Owner : T.C. Ministry of Foreign Affairs


    Publications : - "TSMD-Kural Mimarlık", İnşaat ve Yatırım,
                         no.27, October 2006, pp. 268-273
                         - "Diplomatic Club", Tasarım, no.166
                         November 2006, pp .100-104




The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Club has been planned as a modern building of universal standards which will be used by both foreign and Turkish diplomats.  The building is placed so as to make the best use of the the slope and  the spectacular panorama towards south.  Glass surfaces and travertine veneered surfaces contribute to the transparency and modern look of the building.


The building is conceived as a complex involving three different uses:  the Sports Center, the Cultural Center and the Club House.  The design allows the use of the three different program parts independently; yet at the same time, the existence of flowing spaces and common areas shared by the three groups allow interdependent activities as well.


The structural system is a hybrid, with steel and reinforced concrete structural elements used together.  Large landscaped areas around the complex are reserved for privacy and for open sports fields.