İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal Competition,


    Facilities : International terminal building with a
                    capacity of 5.000.000 passenger/year
                    and a covered parking structure for
                    2200 cars.

    Architect : İlhan Kural

    Status : Competition Project

    Date : 1998

    Owner : D.H.M.İ. Headquarters


    Awards : Honorable Mention


The underlying theme  of the project  is to re-create  the classical  splendor of the terminal building type. The main terminal building interior is conceived as a pleasant  modern space, having  high ceilings, with  ample  natural light  but well controlled against the harsh Aegean sun. Direct connection  to the garage, located on the southwest of the terminal building, will be at +4.00 m. level by passenger bridges  which are connected  to both departure and arrival lounge.


 The structural system  of the main hall  is made up of space trusses, resting on concrete  pillars  at 10.5 m. intervals. On the  air side,  a space  frame  ceiling system  provides  the flexibility  required  and the future growth possibility as well as being visually pleasant, functional and easy to erect.