Ottoman Life, Konak Housing, Turgutreis, Bodrum,


    Facilities : Housing,Social Center, Swimming Pool

    Architects : İlhan Kural

                      Nerkis Kural

                      Ali Kural

    Status : Built

    Assistant Architect : Tuğba Özbay

    Total Const. Area : 5308.91 m2

    Date : 2007

    Owner : Ottoman Life Real Estate,

                Construction, Tourism


    Publications : - "TSMD-Kural Mimarlık", İnşaat ve Yatırım,

                         no.27, October 2006, pp. 268-273


                         - "Meeting with Bodrum Architecture", Tasarım,
                         no.177, December 2007, pp .116-121



The Konak Housing Development has been planned on a narrow sloping site, overlooking the Turgutreis Bay, over two parcels totaling 4500 m2, in the Karabağ District of Turgutreis.  There are 13 2-storey apartment blocks, each block having 2 flats on each floor.  Due to the slope, each block gains an extra “basement“ floor.  Flats are between 65-100 m2, having 2-3 bedrooms.

The settlement is planned around a central pedestrian path which connects all the houses.  The generous use of small courtyards among the buildings, shaded sitting areas with pools and fountains, terraces, small amphitheaters, stairs, pergolas, arches, barrel vaults, domes  and the use of local flora with native trees, shrubs and flowers, all add to the atmosphere of a typical Aegean village which has been tried to be re-created.
The development also has a Social Center with an open pool, sunning terrace,  snack bar, fitness room, sauna, showers and changing rooms.