MESA Urla Housing, Urla, İzmir,



    Facilities : 46 units of 3 housing types;
                    A type- 350 m2 and B1 and B2
                    types- 240 m2., social center and
                    shopping unit.

    Architects : Nerkis Kural
                      İlhan Kural

    Status : Project

    Date : 1996

    Owner : Mesa Mesken Sanayii A.Ş.




In this proposal, a previous plan by Mesa Corp. has been  revised and  a typical housing island plan and three dwelling types have been  proposed. Creation of variety and spatial richness  were seeked as well as placing the houses in a way as to offer each one the distant sea view.


The generic house plan type consists of pavillions, eaçh connected by means of glazed passages, creating small outdoor spaces in between. Around the houses are partially closed, trellised gardens which open to the sea view. The stylistic vernacular elements of the Aegean region such as projecting bay windows, triangular cornices, wooden shutters, solid walls with small opennings. stylistic chimneys and trellises have been utilized in all three house types Each house is planned to get the cooling breeze throughout the house in  the summer.