Çayyolu Housing Development, Ankara,



    Facilities : Residence

    Architects : Nerkis Kural
                      İlhan Kural
                      Erkut Şahinbaş

    Status : Project

    Date : 1996-97

    Owner : Ankara Construction




The Çayyolu Housing Development has been planned on a sloping site, with an artificial lake around which pedestrian paths help link 344 dwelling units not exceeding 4-5 storeys, in a landscape of green and water, with vistas and panoramas,  thus  contributing to social interaction between inhabitants and creating a wealth of  activities, with the traffic kept at the periphery.


In tune with topographical conditions,  the steep slopes have been reserved for villas, each having its own car park,  around cul-de-sacs.  On the east of the site, 4-5 storey blocks have been planned around the artificial lake.  The lake terminates with the social center, itself being an important building in the site, with its commercial, social, administrative, cultural, sports and recreational facilities.