Selçuk Kaya Residence, Küçükkuyu, Çanakkale,



    Facilities : Residence

    Architect : İlhan Kural

    Status            : Built

    Date               : 1997

    Owner             : Selçuk Kaya


    Publications : 6th Turkish Architectural Exhibition and Awards-1998,
                         "Selçuk Kaya Evi ", pp.101




The Selçuk Kaya Residence has been designed on a lot by the historic Assos road in Küçükkuyu, Çanakkale. The existence of olive trees on the lot; the need to insulate the house from the traffic noise; the owners' wish to integrate their garden with the back gardens of their relatives' house on the southeast lots to make a common green; the need to have direct access from the kitchen to the south facing garden; these determinants all helped to shape the building.


Thus, the house is protected from the traffic noise as well as the disturbing west sun. The house is composed of pavillions and between the pavillions, in the alcoves thus created, are the olive trees. The house is designed in the tradition of Aegean houses with wooden shutters and spanish tiles.