İstanbul Maltepe Housing Development, First Alternative, İstanbul,



    Facilities : 1600 dwelling units

    Architects : İlhan Kural
                      Nerkis Kural

    Status : Project

    Date : 1999

    Owner : Maltepe Real estate I.C.-Ankara.(MG Strategy Planning I.C
                and Tepe Construction Partnership)

    Consultant : Aykut Mutlu


    Publications : 7th Turkish Architectural Exhibition and Awards-2000,
                         "İstanbul Maltepe Konutları", pp.95




İstanbul Maltepe Residences Project is a high density housing project for the young middle-high income group on a 226000 sq.m area in Maltepe, İstanbul  where the floor area ratio is 2.0 and the allowable number of dwelling units around 1600. After an initial invited competition for a concept project among five architectural firms, our project was elected as the one to be developed. There was already a master plan for the site and green areas, major roads and housing lots were predetermined according to this plan, which gave us limited maneuvering space.


 The site has a wonderful view towards the Marmara Sea and the Princess Islands. The plateau on the eastern end of the site is dominated by the 25 storey twin plaza blocks and the 12 and 5 story crescent blocks. Lining the topographical threshold to the west of the plaza are the 24  storey sera (greenhouse) blocks and terrace housing. Along the two roads, row housing is located. Lining the middle of the main roads are the triplex villas.


 The green areas and pedestrian paths have been planned where   lovely views, panoramas and perspectives may be experienced.