İstanbul Maltepe Housing Development, Second Alternative, İstanbul,



    Facilities : 1600 dwelling units


    Architects : İlhan Kural
                      Nerkis Kural

    Status : Project

    Date : 1999-2000

    Owner : Maltepe Real estate I.C.-Ankara.(MG Strategy Planning I.C
                and Tepe Construction Partnership)

    Consultant : Aykut Mutlu


    Publications : 7th Turkish Architectural Exhibition and Awards-2000,
                         "İstanbul Maltepe Konutları", pp.95




After the first submission, Marmara earthquake occured. As a result of the earthquake, there was an obvious shift in buyer preferences from high rise to low-medium rise housing (in a range of five storeys). The project was revised  according to this aspect.


 The plateau on the eastern end of the site is dominated by the 25 storey twin plaza blocks and the 12 and 5 storey crescent blocks. Lining  threshold to the west  of the plaza are the 14 and 8 storey sera (greenhouse) blocks. Along the main 15m. road is the triplex housing.


 The continuity of green areas and pedestrian paths have been provided so that it is always possible to walk from one end of the site to the other, with lovely views, panoramas and perspectives along the way and semi enclosed public and semi public outdoor spaces to further enrich this experience.


 The monotony of five story housing has been reduced by the introduction of point blocks wherever  ,thus providing a balanced composition.