Alacaköy Housing Development, Ankara,



    Facilities : Residence

                    Social and Commercial Centers

    Architect : İlhan Kural

    Status : Built

    Date : 2002-2003

    Owner : Lodumlu Housing Cooperative



In the project, alternative plans for both the single house and the twin-house typologies have been developed. In the first phase, by placing the staircase at the core of the house, a feeling of spaciousness has been achieved.  Side entrances to the buildings have provided the flexibility required in placing the same building on both sides of the street.  By placing the houses with their living-dining rooms as well as their kitchens on the south side of each lot,  outdoor use and exposure to sun has been maximized.  The L-shape of the buildings has also helped to create larger garden areas.  Upon request, in the second phase, stairs have been moved to the exterior, thus creating more usable room area; also attics have been opened for use.