Lodumlu Housing Development, Ankara,


    Facilities : Residence

    Architects : Nerkis Kural
                      İlhan Kural

    Status : Const. began in 2006

    Date : 2002-2003

    Owner : Lodumlu Housing Cooperative


Because of varying lot sizes and the slope of the site, many different plans were developed for the project.  Gaining a basement floor due to level differences in the site; being a twin-house or not; and finally the area of the lot have all affected the house types.


In the generic plan, the staircase has been placed at the heart of the plan, thus creating a spacious, long-thin house with a void adjoining the stairs.  In the twin-house, such an arrangement permits more light to the center of the house.  Entraces have been placed at the sides, thus creating a stronger privacy zoning with the separation of the living room from the daily room and the kitchen.