MESA Altınoluk Resort Housing , Balıkesir,



    Facilities : 88 units of 4 housing types;
                    A1 type 173m2,A2 type
                    260m2, B type 224m2
                    C type 297m2, social center
                    and shopping unit

    Architects : İlhan Kural

                      Nerkis Kural

    Master Plan : Ali Kural

    Status : Project

    Assistant Architect : Tuğba Özbay

    Total Const. Area : 29 777 m2

    Date : 2005

    Owner : Mesa Mesken Sanayii A.Ş.




MESA Altınoluk Resort Development has been planned on a flat land, bounded by the Marmara Sea and Manastır Creek on two sides and the Olympus Mountain in the distance.  Since the land  is flat giving no views to the sea, except along the shore, the settlement has been planned in clusters with houses looking inwards to common courtyards, with narrow passages offering glimpses of semi-hidden perspectives.


The main vehicular circulation is along the periphery of the site, giving access to small parking pockets near or within the shared courtyards.  The green system linking courtyards extends along the center of the site towards the shore and the Social Centre.


Three dwelling types have been planned;  90 sqm row houses, 120 sqm twins and 150 sqm semi-detached villas.  All the houses are designed with terraces offering different orientations to provide sun and shade variations throughout the day and to allow cooling breezes.