Alaçatı Resort Hotel Complex, Alaçatı, İzmir,



    Facilities : Guestrooms, multi-purpose hall,

                    offices, health center, outdoor sports fields, restaurant, pool,

                    amphitheater, service units.

    Architect : İlhan Kural.

    Status : Project.

    Date : 1995-96.

    Owner : Engin Kalafatoğlu.


    Publications : 6th Turkish Architectural Exhibition and Awards-1998,

                         "Alaçatı Oteli", pp.100




The main concept of the Alaçatı Resort village is based on the model of the typical Alaçatı street by lining the guest rooms on both sides of this street.  Instead of making a monolithic block, we have decided to spread the guest rooms ona horizantal linear layout, with a three storey limit; thus keeping the silhouette low and the environment unspoiled by visual pollution. The street is narrow and since it elogates on the east-west axis, it is always shady during the hot summer months. Each house has two rooms per floor, entered through a cobble stone paved courtyard, which has an open staircase going up to the upper floors.


The aim of this project is to revive the qualities lost in the hectic holiday tourism of our day  and to offer the visitors a glimpse of what it is like in a traditional Turkish town. The duality of residential versus civic architecture inherent in Seljuk-Ottoman architecture manifests itself in the building techniques and materials.


 The use of stone, timber. stucco. courtyards and "cumba"s in houses, with tile covered sloping roofs versus the solid. permanent. massive stone constructions of civic architecture with barrel vaults, domes and arches and their rational, geometric planning have been an inspiration for this project.