Kayseri Erciyes University Congress Center



Design Group                      : Aytek İtez, İlhan Kural, Neşe İtez, Veli Kural

Interior Design Group          : Aytek İtez, İlhan Kural, Neşe İtez, Veli Kural

Acoustic Consultant             : Dr. Arzu Gönenç Sorguç, METU

Building Area                       : 30,000 m2

Project Date                         :  2015

Client                                   : Kayseri Erciyes University



The architectural and engineering projects of Kayseri Erciyes University Congress Center had been prepared earlier and the structural skeleton of the complex had already been completed. But the University administration decided to revise the project by enlarging the building, adding more hotel rooms, an extra storey and most importantly, adding to the seating capacity of the 1300 spectator Congress Hall.


The revision project of the Congress Center has been completed in 3 months. New rooms have been added to the hotel part of the center, an extra storey has been created, the capacity of the Congress Hall has been increased to 1615 spectators by adding a completely new balcony floor.  Also the interior designs of the main hall as well as the smaller conference and seminar rooms have been prepared.


In the design of the interior of the main hall, one of the main assumptions was that it should serve not only for congresses but also for musical events such as concerts, as well.  Therefore, all the acoustic calculations and modelling were prepared based on this assumption.  Since the plan was already fixed and could not be altered, the only parameter left to change was the section of the main hall and the materials to be utilized on the walls, ceiling and the floor.  Thus the suspended ceilings were raised to acceptable heights according to the acoustical contour calculated and  cat walk galleries were integrated to the system.


For the roof of the main hall, the most obvious choice was using a space frame structure, to be placed on steel columns placed on the existing low reinforced side walls.


The roof covering of the main hall is zinc, with large ceramic panels on the building facades.  In the main hall, maple veneered panels (both acoustic and regular), travertene and painted gypsum board are used on the walls and suspended ceilings.  Flooring is oak parquet.  In the small conference and seminar rooms, again maple veneered modular panels have been used.