'Alaçatı Gece' Beach and Night Club, Alaçatı, İzmir,



    Facilities : Beach and night club

    Architect : Ali Kural

    Status : Project

    Date : 1995

    Owner : Engin Kalafatoğlu


    Publications : 1998- 2004 Turkish Architectural Exhibition and Awards, Türkiye,
                         Ed. Aydan Balamir, Chamber Of Architects Publications, 2005, pp. 95.


    Awards : 5th Turkish Architectural Exhibition and

                  Awards-Project Category-Award Nominee




Alaçatı Gece' was designed as beach and night club. The site for the club is a beach on the south of old village of Alaçatı in Çeşme, İzmir. The beach is surrounded by an inlet on the east and opens to the Aegean Sea on the south. The club is located on the peninsula on the south-east end of the beach. The program of the building  necessitates twenty-four hours of use. It would start early in the morning to serve the beach, serving meals in the evening and finally would function as a night club till the next morning.


 On the site the north face was tought to welcome the guests, especially the cars coming from the resort village. The west would open itself to the beach and occasionally the south to the Agean Sea. East face would be closed only to let the service entrance and be used as car parking. The construction, after the working drawings being executed and the stone walls built to one meter high, has been stopped, to be completed later with the construction of the rest of the holiday resort.