Hotel and Residences, Erbil, Iraq



    Design Group : İlhan Selim Kural, Veli Kural
    Client : Kurk Construction, Tourism and Trade Ltd.
    Adress : Erbil, Northern Iraq
    Project Date : 2011
    Building Area : 120,000 m2



The project was planned on a long thin parcel, surounded by busy traffic arteries, within the central area of newly developing Erbil. The building comprises of five 20-storey blocks, four being residence towers and one hotel tower.  The building regulations and constraints were given by the client.  According to requirement program, all the tall blocks were to be 20-storeys high, with a 2 storey horizontal commercial base, linking all the tall blocks;  the basement was to be reserved for parking, mechanical areas and storage areas; the roof terrace of the horizontal binding block was to be a landscaped, green surface for a visually pleasing sight and for energy conservation.

On each floor of the residence towers, two 250 m2 flats and two 150 m2 flats have been planned.  For the hotel, in accordance with the client’s request, 278 rooms, including special suites, execuive suites, presidential suites and normal hotel rooms have been planned.  The hotel will also boast a spa/health  center, a pool, meeting rooms for business and business lounges, as well as a flexible ball room and a roof terrace restaurant.