Headquarters for the Turkish Union of Notaries, Ankara,



    Facilities : Offices, cafeteria, conference

                    hall, accomodation and sportive

                    recreation spaces.

    Architect : İlhan Kural

    Status : Project.

    Date : 2002.

    Owner : Turkish Union of Notaries.

    Publications : "İlhan Kural Mimarlık ve Projeleri",

                         İnşaat ve Yatırım, no:2005/5, May 2005, pp.100-103



The cross axial plan of the building comprises of different facilites on different levels in each quadrant, with an inner “street” binding these program parts. Thus the offices and the residential blocks have a view to Ankara on the North; the dining and sports facilities have direct access to the gardens; the conference hall has a separate entrance and foyer; and most important, because the building is on the south side of the parcel,  it has become possible to have an unobstructed open space on the north side of the site.

Emphasis has been given to the the quality and lighting of interior spaces and the compact layout has minimized walking distances enormously as compared to a spreading scheme, especially when the slope of the site is considered.