Mülkiye Foundation Building Invited Competition, Ankara,



    Facilities : Offices, Meeting and Conference,

                    Hall, Restaurant, Cafe, Bookstore

    Architects : Ali Kural

                      İlhan Kural

    Status : Competition project

    Assistant Architects : Tuğba Özbay

                                     Seda Yıldız

    Total Const. Area : 7204 m2

    Date : 2007

    Owner : Mülkiye Foundation

    Awards : Second prize



The re-building project of the existing Mülkiyeliler Foundation Buildings in Kızılay, offers the opportunity to bring in a new energy to the pedestrian  zone going along with the Yuksel Street axis as well. Meeting areas for the members are planned in the project and at the same time, it is aimed that the pedestrian zone contributes to the urban landscape and brings a fresh architectural breath to the environment.

The typical storeys, demanded in the building program, are separated conceptually from the storeys containing social areas used by non-members in the East Block and members in the West Block. This separation is expressed on external facades. The storeys, including socialareas, are planned in a dynamic manner in section; whereas, the typical storeys are designed to make use of the building area most efficiently. The building is covered with a perforated metal protected glass cladding system. Different visual relations are searched in the vertical spaces between the storey plates and the external façade.