KRG Guest Houses, Office Building & Spa Complex Project, Iraq,


Architects : İlhan Selim Kural, Tuba Özbay

Owner : Kürk Construction Co.

Address : Erbil, North Iraq

Date of project : 2010

Date of construction : -

Total Const. Area : 7,000 m2




The complex, planned in the vicinities of Erbil, North Iraq, includes the North Iraq Kurdish Region’s administrative buildings such as the State Guesthouses, an Office Block and a Sports, Fitness and Spa Center with a closed swimming pool. For the site plan, a “campus” concept was developed and a linear pedestrian alley with the buildings on one side and green areas and sports fields on the other, was planned on the slightly sloped site.  No car traffic is allowed within the site. In the design of the buildings, a classical style was demanded by the client.  This requirement was realized, by a modern interpretation and stylization of the regional Middle Eastern/Seljuk styles, thus creating a unique style.