50 Bed Cancer Treatment Center, Duhok, Iraq


Design Group    : İlhan Selim Kural, Veli Kural
Client                : Kurk Construction, Tourism and Trade Ltd.
Adress               : Duhok, Iraq
Project Date      : 2011
Building Area   : 15,564 m2


The 50 Beds Cancer Disease Center is a 2 storey building, with 2 basements, designed on a site with sloping topography mainly towards the east.  The slope of the site has made it possible to organise the hospital, so that different entrances were planned for different functional uses without any unnecessary excavations or fills.


The Main Entrance to the hospital has been planned on level +99.50 (corresponding to the ±0.00), while the Emergency Entrance has been planned one storey below the ground floor, at +95.00 (-4.50 level).  Part of this floor- (to be called the “ First Basement”) is reserved for covered parking area, which is entered from the west side of the building, by means of a ramp, following the natural slope of the site, minimizing site work.  The second basement (-8.50 = +91.00), which is entered using the same road, is reserved for parking, a special crematory, medical gas supply room and mechanical areas. The basements provide 160 covered parking spaces.


In the first basement, the Outpatient and Emergency, Pharmacy, Laundry and Sterilization Departments have been planned.


The ground floor houses the Main Entrance Hall and Reception; Administration and Cafeteria;  Daily Treatment Department; Radiology and Radiotherapy Departments; Laboratories; the Operating Theatres and I.C.U. Ward.


The first floor is reserved for patients’ rooms.  There are 24 rooms for children, 12 rooms for male and 12 rooms for female patients.  The wards floor has been conceived  as a double corridor plan, with the service core extending in the center.  The main circulation elements (stairs and lifts) open to an elevator lobby, which overlooks the entrance hall area on the ground floor, through a gallery opening below.  Male and female patients’ rooms face south, while children’s rooms are oriented towards north.  Since these rooms face the roof terrace, the terrace has been treated as a green area, so that children will be looking at a landscaped surface.  The east and west side parapets have been kept high, at the level of the wards’ floor roof parapets, thus creating an enclosure, almost like a semi-enclosed courtyard.  These walls also hide the protruding roofs and mechanical equipments of the operating theaters and the linear accelerator room, from the exterior.  On the terrace, there are also the skylights getting natural to the main corridors below.


On the ground floor, the main entrance is directly linked to the main distributing public  corridor of the hospital.  The most important departments, such as surgery, radiology, radiotherapy and laboratories are accesible from this main corridor, with each department having its own reception area.  There is a second service corridor connecting these departments, which gets natural light from the roof.  The daily treatment halls and administrative offices  are easily accesible from the main entrance as well.


The emergency department has its own entrance at the -4.50 level.  Because of the level difference, the department can be accessed directly from the street.  On the same level, the service road of the hospital is connected to the east side of the hospital, at -4.50.


The building is covered with composite aluminium panels.  The south, street facing facade has a horizontal character, accentuating the low profile of the Duhok Hospital; with aluminium sun breakers further emphasizing this feeling.


The total building area is 15,564 m2.