METU Northern Cyprus Campus III. Phase Dormitories Invited Competition


    Facilities                   : Girls and Boys Dormitories

    Architects                  : İlhan Kural

    Status                       : Competition Project

    Assistant Architect     : Tuğba Özbay

                                       Seda Yıldız

    Total Const. Area       : 13.568 m2

    Date                          : 2007

    Owner                       : METU Northern Cyprus Administration




In the III. Phase Dormitory Project, to be built in additon to the METU Northern Campus I. and II. Phase Dormitories, care has been taken to create a building complex harmonious with the site slope and not disturbant to the horizontal and low-rise pattern of the existing campus.

The dormitory scheme, proposed in our project, is derived from an archetype. The inner courtyard provides some of the rooms, which will not have the opportunity look over the Güzelyurt Plane or the sea, with the views of a calm, peaceful and well-kept inner garden with landscape arrangement and create a more private environment. The circulation areas containing shorter walking distances and glass facades looking over courtyard, instead of monotonious, long and dark coridors, create a more delightful enviroment providing light and vistas. Additionally, our courtyard scheme, enables spatial differentiations and variations on the storeys of common areas in particular and this diversity adds to the spatial richness as well.