Bilkent Primary School, Ankara,


    Facilities : Classroom, administration, library,

    Architects : İlhan Kural
                      Erkut Şahinbaş

    Status : Built

    Date : 1999

    Owner : Bilkent University


    Publication : Şevki Vanlı: Mimariden Konuşmak:
                       Bilinmek İstenmeyen 20.Yüzyıl Türk Mimarlığı,
                       VMV Publications, Ankara 2006, pp. 376.




Built on the slopes of the Eastern Campus, the Primary School was planned for phased construction and its plan layout reflects this requirement.


The building is made up of 4 distinct parts; the entrance rotunda, the classrooms wing, the social and administrative wing (with the library, administration and the cafeteria) and finally the meeting hall for 350.  During the first stage of construction, because of budgetary restrictions, the building was built without the meeting hall which was added later.


The building shares the same architectural language with the other buildings previously completed on the Eastern Campus.