METU Northern Cyprus Campus Engineering Programs Laboratories Invited Competition,



    Facilities : Laboratories,technical spaces

    Architects : İlhan Kural

    Status : Competition project

    Assistant Architect : Tuğba Özbay

    Date : 2006

    Owner : METU Northern Cyprus Campus Administration

    Publications : - "TSMD-Kural Mimarlık", İnşaat ve Yatırım, no.27
                         October 2006, pp. 268-273
                         - METU Architectural Projects I: Competition Projects 00-08,
                         Ed. Ayşen Savaş, METU Publications,
                         Ankara 2008, pp. 82-85.



Engineering Laboratories Building of the METU Northern Cyprus Campus has been designed in terraces, with careful consideration given to preserving the silhouette of the  campus and the valley looking towards the Güzelyurt Plains. Overlooking the valley are the small to medium size  laboratories, the circulation spine and services, whereas the larger scale laboratory spaces have been kept at the northern side of the site, at an upper level, with direct service access from the main campus road.

Students using the laboratories from the dormitories, lecture rooms and the preparatory school will use a pedestrian path connecting the existing paths and passing through the lower level of the open amphitheater in front of the Culture and Congress Center.
Because the largest spans are no more than 10 meters, steel has not been used in the labs.  Due to the local contractors‘ lack of necessary know-how and because steel is imported from Turkey, reinforced concrete seemed like a more logical choice.