METU Northern Cyprus Campus Cultural and Convention Center,



       Facilities : Conference/Concert Hall
                        Seminar Rooms-Exhibition

       Architects : İlhan Kural
                          Ali Kural

      Status : Built

      Assistant architects : Yasemin Eren

                                        Tansu Yılmaz

      Working Drawings : Ziya Necati Özkan Office

     Decoration & application project of the

     Grand Concert Hall: Oya Caymaz

     Acoustics consultant : Dr. Arzu Gönenç Sorguç


     Date : 2004

     Owner : METU Northern Cyprus Campus Administration

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Awards : 1st Prize


The Cultural and Convention Center is situated on a gently sloping land, overlooking The Güzelyurt Plains and The Mediterranean Sea.   The main concept of the complex consists of a central hall flanked by the main auditorium for 700 on one side and smaller halls for 200 and 100 on the other side.  Located on the western end of the main hall, the cafe, which serves all the auditoria and seminar rooms, has a fantastic view of the Mediterranean and the plains below.


Special attention has been given to the outdoor design and landscaping of the sloped area on the western end of The Cultural and Convention Center, providing a small open air amphitheatre and a series of terraces connected by means of stairs and the use of water.  Throughout the building, the handicapped and the elderly have been considered, minimizing unnecessary level differences and  stairs. The main hall has been designed for talks as well as music, with the use of shutter-like wooden which can be opened or closed according to the mode desired.